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Istanbul Technical University, Architectural Design PhD, Istanbul

Munich Technical University, Architecture Exchange Programme, Munich

Istanbul Bilgi University, Architectural Design Master Programme, Istanbul (Scholarship)

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Architectural Design, Istanbul


Teaching Experience

Mef University, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Lecturer of “Fragments: Art and Space”, 2018


Art Exhibitions

Self-portrait, Other Portraits and Things, Solo Video Exhibition, Bilsart, Istanbul, 16 - 27 April 2019

Abandoned / Bırakılmış, Kasa Galeri, Istanbul, October 2018

Muhafaza, Solo Exhibition, Adahan Istanbul / -1 Gallery, Istanbul, 5 - 22 June 2018

1st Istanbul Design Biennial, with Net 17950, Istanbul Modern Museum, 2012

Filmmor Women’s Cooperative Photography Exhibition, Istanbul, 2011

European Capital 2010 Istanbul Woman Photography Street Exhibition, Istanbul, 2010

Video Screenings

B2 House (ongoing project)

Bilsart, B2 House, Solo Exhibition, September, Istanbul, 2019 (upcoming event)

Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Screening and Art Talk, September, Istanbul, 2019 (upcoming event)

Self-portrait, Other Portraits and Things, Experimental video, 2018

Bilsart, Istanbul, 2019

Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival Finalist, 2018

SALT Galata, Repetition and Cycle, Performance Series (with a performance), Istanbul, 2017


Auto-Portrait, Experimental video, 2017

13th Akbank International Short Film Festival, Istanbul, 2017

34th Kassel Documentary Festival, Kassel, 2017


Net 17950, Experimental video, 2012

Damascus Visual Arts Festival, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2014

Australian International Experimental Film Festival, Australia, 2013

9th Akbank International Short Film Festival, Istanbul, 2013

20th Golden Boll Mediterranean Short Film Competition, Adana, 2013

Damascus Visual Arts Festival, Depo Istanbul, 2013


Awards for Films

Net 17950, Experimental Video, 2012

24th International Ankara Film Festival, Experimental Short Film Category, 2013

Best Director, Best Montage, Best Art Director Awards

Fatih University, Crystal Clapper Short Film Awards, Experimental Short Film Category, 2013

Jury’s Special Award


Awards for Architectural Projects

Bilgi University, Beyoğlu Residences Design Project Competition, 1st prize, 2007

Ulucanlar Prison Transformation International Student Competition, 3rd prize, 2007

S.O.S. Istanbul Port Area Transformation International Student Competition, 1st prize, 2007


Selected Writing

Dönem Ödevi, Term Paper, Fail Books, 2018

“On the Glitter of the Pain and the Representation of the Defective Truth”, BETONART, 50-2016

A moral of a fable and “What don’t the architects make mention of?”, XXI, April 2015

B2 House, Dijital Book as the editor, 2019 (ongoing project)


Architectural Documentary and Presentation Films (Comissions)

SO! Architecture, Cemetery Tango, The Visit Project for IKSV Design Biennale, 2016

HS Architecture, Protel Building, Aga Khan Nomination Film, 2015

NSMH Seyhun Topuz Pulver Factory Sculpture Film, 2014

NSMH Nevzat Sayın Santral Istanbul Boiler House/ Faculty of Architecture Film, 2014

EAA Emre Arolat Rizzoli Book Introduction Film, 2013

EAA Mardin Artuklu University, Campus Worship Complex Idea Project Competition Film, 2013

EAA International Yenikapı Transfer Point and Archaeo-Park Competition Film, 2012

EAA “Fabrika” Film for Aga Khan Award Exhibition at Milli Reasürans Exhibition Hall, 2012

EAA Zorlu Center International Architecture And Urban Design Competition Project Film, 2008



Work Experience and Selected Architectural Projects

52Hane, Istanbul, 2012–present  

Founding Director


Erenköy High School, Istanbul, 2016

Feneryolu Public Education Center, Istanbul, 2017

Rotary School for the Hearing-impaired, Istanbul, 2017

Project Owner, Design and Preliminary Projects Team Leader

(In collaboration with Dome Partners)


Mixer Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2016

Interior Design and Construction Project, Cost Accounts, Construction Site Manager

In collaboration with HS Architecture


Cunda Yazgan Hotel, Balıkesir, 2016

Design and Construction Project Manager

In collaboration with HS Architecture


Daylight Saving Time Art Installation for Protel Company, Istanbul, 2015

Project Owner, Design and Construction Project, Cost Accounts, Construction Site Manager


Bahcesehir Housing Project for Atmaca Estate Company, Istanbul, 2014

Project Owner, Design and Construction Project Manager


Basaksehir Municipality Altınşehir Education House, Istanbul, 2013

Project Owner, Construction Site Controller


Ena Real Estate Company, Istanbul, 2009–2010

Project Manager


Doğa Teras Housing Project, Istanbul, 2009

Project Manager, Cost Accounts, Construction Site Controller


Emre Arolat Architects, Istanbul, 2007–2008

Design Project Leader


Arbil Hewa City Masterplan and Showroom, Iraq, 2008

Alarko Real Estate Investment Company Hotel and Residence Complex, Istanbul, 2008

YOO Residences, Istanbul, 2007

Sinpaş Halkalı Housing Project, Istanbul, 2008

Design Project Leader

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