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Self-portrait, Other Portraits and Things

HD, Color, 18’


(MUHAFAZA exhibition was centered around the video Self-portrait, Other Portraits and Things and builded its narrative through a mediation of stories told in this video.)


The video starts with a childhood memory evoked by months-long demolition of an apartment building viewed from the rear window of the family home. This memory lost somewhere between dream and fiction and an accident that took place while filming the video, together with recent encounters and coincidences, trigger a state of looking inward.



Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival as Best Film Award Finalist, 2018

SALT Galata, Repetition and Cycle, Performance Series (with a performance), Istanbul, 2017

Self-portrait, Other Portraits and Things, Solo Video Exhibition, Bilsart, Istanbul, 16 - 27 April 2019

Muhafaza, Solo Exhibition, Adahan Istanbul / -1 Gallery, Istanbul, 5 - 22 June 2018

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